Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday Night Cartoons

I used to look forward to my saturday morning cartoons, including X-Men, Beetlejuice, Batman Adventures, and a bunch of others throughout the years. It signaled two days away from school and all of the irritations that came with that.

Now, at 26, I watch my Sunday night cartoon line up. Adult swim keeps that kid alive in me. Sure the humor is a tad crass, and more for adults, but some of the best cartoons from my younger years were spiced with underlined adult humor that I'm just NOW starting to understand.

I just finished the latest episode of the Venture Bros, which once again solidifies why that cartoon is one of the BEST animated shows to come out in years.

For those of you who haven't been privy to the five year old adult swim show, currently in its third season, The Venture Bros is the ongoing tale of former boy adventurer (parodying a number of sixties cartoons, mainly Johnny Quest.) Rusty Venture, who is now a bitter, middle aged man living in his father shadow, a famous scientist. The show also spotlights his prone to death twin sons Hank, and Dean ( A mix of Johnny Quest and Fred from Scooby Doo) and their pinnacle of 70's muscle car masculinity body guard, Brock Samson.

Without going into further details about the previous episodes (You need to get season 1 and 2, soak those in, then fall in love with this cyni-ass of a series) let me say that this show constantly lampoons the 60's and 70's fad of hyperadventuristic famly-esque cartoons, movies, and comic books while still maintaining an intriguing storyline, and incredibly addictive character development.

You're well aware that the show is mocking so many generic elements, but you still keep coming back to learn more about these characters, their growing interactions, and direction of the constantly twisting plot.

Its a wonderful escape of humor and storytelling.

If you're a cartoon fanatic, you need to pick this one up, if you are looking for a laugh, give the show a chance, if you're thinking to yourself "Cartoons are for kids"...please pull the stick out of your ass.

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