Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Putting it off later and those little annoyances...

Since my last entry, I've had, what I thought, were great ideas for blogs, but have had such a full schedule at work and with the bands, that I kept saying to myself, you can write this next week, you can do that later tonight, wait until the weekend, etc.

I sincerely can NOT remember half of these thoughts I wanted to share, and some finally were based on subjects other than movies!

WRITE FRESH! Jeeeeze, I regret not writing my thoughts down as soon as they popped in my mind. Priorities are one thing, but as soon as I was done with my work day, the gym and various other editing jobs, I wanted to watch a movie, or just kind of hang out.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, I mean life is what you make it, and if your idea of happiness involves points of the day being dedicated to chilling out, then you should do it. I don't believe anything should be forced.

Now you're probably thinking that I'm a hypocrite for saying that after just bitching about my inability to write my blog when I had a chance, but this was caused by a forceful attitude.

I forced myself to wait, and continue working on projects at work. Honestly, I could have wrote a little down and emailed it to myself for later use. If I had forced myself to write those blogs down when I didn't feel passionate about what I was going to write, they would have sounded stale and monotone.

I've decided I"m going to take moments out of my day and write when I want too. I can't ignore things because of my setting, I mean not all the time. When you're at work you have downtime, its not an 8-10 hour slave job, and I'm sorry if you feel otherwise. People have smoke breaks, chat around the office, and stop what their doing all the time.

I'm never late on my deadlines, I always get my footage chopped and locked ahead of schedule in case there are other edits, yet I still have those moments of "Ooo don't want to piss off the supervisors".

If there is one thing I've learned in the passed 8 years since graduating high school is that NO one is the ultimate creature of their environment. You may be incredible at what you do, and deserve respect and attention for that, but arrogance will be your worse enemy.

There is a huge difference between pride in your work and just thinking you're damn better than everyone. Believe me, I have great respect for people I work with who do their job, but it goes down the drain if I hear them talk shit about others, or act snobbish about their attitude with work. If they talk shit about others, they are prroooobably talking shit about you.

Every time I meet people like this I seriously become cautious about what I"m saying to people for the rest of the day, I don't want to be like that at ALL.

This also reminds me of another irritant, people who excuse being dickheads for honesty. Holy hell! That is my biggest pet peeve. People honestly think they can say cruel things about a persons looks, personality, and all around character and say 'Hey I'm just being honest' or 'I'm just a bitch, I say it like it is'..............

I watch people in my office, and people in my life treat others like this, belittle them and walk away just fine because over the years they've been able to rationalize these actions.

Ok, where did this blog go? Those points aside, here is some recommended viewing.


Venture Bros: Season 3 Finale - Check it out. It was a great/sad episode. The entire season felt like it was just setting us up for more story lines to come in the next seasons. Season 1, and 2 were more conclusive albeit the cliffhangers they both leave off with.


Pineapple Express: Could be the goriest comedy I've ever watched! James Franco was excellent, no doubt his best performance. Rogen was great as usual, it didn't feel like he had a chance to spread his chops, but it was a good performance. I'm trying to remember the other guy's name, who played Red's character. One second, I need to hop over to IMDB

(10 seconds later) Danny Mcbride! That guy is just hilarious. Definitely a nice edition to the Appatow crew! He was also great in Tropic Thunder as one of the many, many, many bit parts.


Tropic Thunder started kind of weak, but as soon as the ignorant cast of the period war drama are thrown into a real warzone the humor totally takes off. Robert Downey Jr. is just taking over the summer....well he was knocked down by Dark Knight....still....Robert Downey Jr. is doing super awesome this summer! He kicks ass as the Australian actor portraying a black soldier in Tropic Thunder.


Black (Jack that is) is funny in his moments, but isn't given a lot of screen time.


Jay Baruchel, famed for one of the Apatow gang, really shines as the humble actor just trying to get his break in the biz.

Both movies are great for a laugh. I also saw mirrors which was a so-so movie, but I really dug it anyways. However, it is 6pm, and I want to leave the cube and go to the gym, so I can pretend to be athletic.

Until Next time...


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